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Jon voight and diana ross dating

He offers both an instant insight into Anouar Brahem’s intentions whilst at the same time fitting into the Holland/De Johnette partnership like his name was Chick Corea. Actually, to listen to the way Mr Bates falls into his lone three minute plus solo entry to , he’s at a place I haven’t heard Corea, or even Jarrett, inhabit in recent years.

I independently hunted out his albums here’s the aural proof, Rez Abbasi is one mega serious musician.Except that what builds from the bass solo is serious J-word oud coming on wonderfully strung out (for certain, he’s been listening to guitarist Kevin Eubanks with Holland). It’s a nine minute study in empathetic group playing and really it could have been double the length.I guess things had to make way for , built on a tightly disguised blues pedal point. Right now it sounds like a career best – but hey, it’s Django Bates, and I could think of a few that come into that category.Look, this album has nine tracks and that means nine reasons why you definitely need to check this session out. takes the ears to places they haven’t been to before, whilst at the same time there’s aural recognition of what’s going on.Anouar Brahem has visionised a great album and then gone right ahead and recorded one.

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He’s positioned himself inside a ‘J-word’ quartet, albeit one that is working outside boundaries.

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